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Protect your data from hackers and avoid identity theft by being a step ahead of cybersecurity threats. Examine network weaknesses that cybercriminals may exploit by incorporating vulnerability assessment and management into your standard operating protocols. In today’s world, you need to optimize your cybersecurity program using penetration testing, among others, to defend your networks against cyber threats that infiltrate your systems without detection. With Accend Networks, you can be proactive in assessing your ability to detect, respond, and prevent such cyberattacks from happening.

How Accend Networks Can Help

Accend Networks has experienced professionals for penetration tests, vulnerability tests, and regulatory compliance that will ensure your company’s safety and accuracy. You’ll receive a detailed report of our analysis of how an intruder can access your internal systems. Even better, you’ll get the essential prevention systems to avoid future intrusions by mapping out a track to increased cybersecurity.

Get our team to evaluate your defensive security stance using industry-standard tools and techniques to uncover weaknesses and offer prioritized and actionable recommendations to improve your data security position.

Accend Networks can offer pragmatic recommendations to enhance your overall security position, technologies, and processes before cybercriminals can breach your business operations.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a critical component of a vulnerability management system to combat Industrial hackers who try to breach the network defenses of companies with quickly detected and exploited cybersecurity vulnerabilities. By simulating the behavior of a cybercriminal, penetration testing can uncover issues that can affect your systems so that you can fix them immediately.

Authenticated Penetration Test

We examine the access rights and login credentials of an asset to determine how a cybercriminal can maneuver through your systems.

Unauthenticated Penetration Test

We examine the asset’s security parameters--assuming the hacker wants to access the system without access rights or login credentials.

External Penetration Test

We assess your externally facing assets that are accessible online, like websites, file-sharing platforms, and email.

Internal Penetration Test

We examine your internal-facing assets like servers or networks accessed from within the corporate environment.

Web Application Penetration Test

We search for faults, vulnerabilities, and potential exploits that may succeed in compromising your web application.

Wireless Penetration Test

We offer detailed information about vulnerabilities related to your Wi-Fi networks, including connectivity of devices, such as laptop and desktop computers, and all IoT, mobile, and tablet devices.

Social Engineering Penetration Test

We test your employee’s obedience to your security practices and policies, and see if we can convince your employees to share critical information, break security rules, or offer access to sensitive data.

Mobile Penetration Test

We verify the security controls of your mobile applications. The goal is to identify safety flaws in the custom written app, how it interacts with the device platform, how it communicates with server-side systems, and how it interacts with consumer or corporate systems.

Vulnerability Assessment

We assess your system’s susceptibility to known vulnerabilities, recommend mitigation or remediation, and designate security levels to such liabilities.

Regulatory Compliance (PCI, NIST-53, FFIEC, SCADA, HIPAA, CCRI, STIG, and others)

Accend Networks will make sure that our comprehensive security solutions are custom-fit for your business. We also make sure that you have compliance and regulatory security policies so hackers can’t steal your sensitive data. You can minimize this risk by ensuring that there are training and guidelines in place.

Compliance and cybersecurity go together, but some companies find it challenging to use, maintain, and protect their assets. The good news is you can tap the services of experts to help your business adhere to applicable codes, standards, laws, and regulations. That way, accidental or willful data breaches, lawsuits, or hefty government fines won’t wreak havoc on company funds.

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Don’t gamble with regulatory compliance and cyber-security. Not only is the financial risk to the organization too high, but you will also be answerable to your shareholders. Face this problem immediately, so that you are always prepared for any attack. Accend Networks can offer a comprehensive solution for your requirements.

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