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Accend Networks is an IT solutions provider and outsourcing company based in San Jose, California. We are a team of certified and experienced IT veterans who work in different technology areas, but collaborate seamlessly together to provide solutions for your numerous IT challenges. We cater to clients from the local, state, federal, K-12, and small and medium-sized companies. We can surely serve you!

We are your friendly outsourced IT department that’s on call 24/7

In today’s digital world, IT problems can grind your company’s operations to a halt. Have peace of mind with Accend Networks at your corner. We’ll help you grow your business by ensuring you don’t encounter bottlenecks due to malware, phishing scam, or IT network issues. We exert all efforts in understanding your long-term objectives because we want to provide you an IT system that’s not only simple, cost-effective, and efficient.

Who We Are

Our founder Paula Wong, an IT veteran with over 25 years of experience, started the company in July 2011. We have more than 80 years of combined experience, which means we can help you solve most of your IT issues. Give us a call and ask about our credentials. You’ll find that many of us are experts in our own respective fields.

“No IT problem is a challenge to us. We are creative people who will work around the clock until the problem is solved. Give us a chance and we will show you how we work." - Paula Wong, CEO and Founder

Our Services

Custom programming, user training, in-depth support, and deployment require subject matter experts. Get experienced and certified virtualization and application specialists to help you.

Cloud & Computing Services

Cloud computing allows small and midsize companies to cut IT infrastructure and management costs. We’ll help you design and deploy a network model that fits your needs. You can have an on-premise, cloud-centric, or hybrid framework.

Cybercriminals can infiltrate your network when you least expect it. Want to learn how to protect your business against ransomware and viruses that can cause downtime? We’re here to help you find the right solutions for your cybersecurity issues.

Instead of spending time and resources on IT operations and infrastructure, why don’t you outsource data center requirements so you can focus on your core competencies? Talk to us to discuss your options.


Provide applications and services efficiently and effectively at high velocity. Collaborate with our DevOps unit to ensure tight integration of different teams from development to operations throughout the application lifecycle.

Digital Infrastructure (SDN, Mobility & Wireless, & Intelligent WAN)

Achieve your desired business result by enabling digital infrastructure and technologies. Contact us to find how you can take advantage of digital platforms to lower costs and increase your bottom line. We have a team of experts on SDN, mobility and wireless, and intelligent WAN solutions.

Emerging Technologies (AI, IoT, and ML)

Get ahead of your competitors by utilizing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Machine Learning. Explore all your options with us. We’re here to help you realize your business goals through the use of technology.

Helpdesk Services

Offer a single point of contact for your technical issues for quick and effective resolution. You can’t allow long downtimes because time is money. Use our helpdesk support services to ensure continuous business operations.

Managed Services, Managed Security Services, & 24x7 Network Monitoring

Don’t want to experience any more headaches in managing your IT network? Talk to us about our managed services. We do the dirty work for you, so you can focus on your core business operations without worrying about hiring a full-time team.

Design, implement, and support your current, expanding, and new network installations with our help. We’re your partners! We can help in even the smallest or the most sophisticated network infrastructure issues.

Protect your corporate network and have peace of mind from possible loss of proprietary data. We provide the following services: Network Assessment and Government Audits, Firewalls and VPN Solutions, Penetration Testing, and more.

Too busy to search for the right technology vendor? Are you looking to buy networking products and other IT applications and services, but largely unsure if you’re making the right choice? Contact us because we can surely help.

Resolve many IT issues immediately without an engineer visiting your office. A quick call to an expert can control a problem from escalating. Want to have a partner who will address your concerns remotely? Contact us today.

Hire more IT personnel without worrying about training them. We have IT engineering experts who can help you part-time or full-time. No more long hours of training and strict supervision, because you can trust they’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Have the confidence to undertake complex IT projects by outsourcing the work to us. We’ll document and offer you the required training and knowledge transfer of the products and services.

Unified Communications

Collaborate, share, and connect seamlessly across time zones and geographies. Put all your communication requirements on one platform. Generate more income for your business by making your team more productive. Partner with us for your unified communications needs.

Video Surveillance

Protect your assets from break-ins and burglary with a comprehensive and efficient video surveillance system. We’ll help you monitor your facility as well as document and capture security events. Our goal is to keep your property safe.

Cut down on budget and utility costs and gain full control of your data and telecommunication investments. Power your collaboration systems and communications with our structured cabling services. Future-proof your network infrastructure and protect your business.

Stop Worrying About the Next Virus, Ransomware, or Network Attack

Stop Worrying About the Next Virus, Ransomware, or Network Attack

Year after year, hackers target organizations. They employ several tactics to steal data and wreak havoc in computer systems. They may be miles away from you or in the next door near you. If you suddenly find your company in the midst of a cyberattack, what will you do?

Accend Will Make Sure You’re Not a Target

Do you have the necessary tools and resources to deal with a ransomware, network, or virus attack? Can you recover your precious data and bring the system back to how it was prior to the attack? These network invasions don’t have to happen to you. You can prevent these hackers from getting into your computer systems with our help.


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Nate Payne

Eden Housing has been a satisfied customer of Accend Networks for over 3 years. From the beginning, Accend Networks

Associate Director, Business Technology of Eden Housing

Nav Madhwan

Sunday Mid-day we come to find out that our switch died on us. After researching and trying to find out what had happened,

Systems Administrator, Lithotype

Pedro Lopez

Our company hired Accend Networks for a large project in the City of Merced. This was to connect 15 different intersections over a Cisco Wireless Network.

Director of Network Services, Western Pacific Signal

Amit Kathuria

We have been working with Accend Networks for over 2 years now and Paula has provided exceptional service every time.

Sr. IT Administrator, ASSIA-INC

Gunner Belemecich

We hired Paula Wong of Accend Networks to perform an ASA migration in September of 2016. Paula was able to quickly analyze the project,

IT Manager, Condor Earth

Ted Pan

We hired this company to swap out the gateway for our phone system. They ordered the new router and pre-configured it.

IT Manager, Notre Dame High school

Eric Magness

Recently our client, Cal State Los Angeles, had been experiencing network latency related to their Juniper ISG2000 Service Gateway.

Project Executive, Cloudify

Steve Shofner

We had Accend help with one of our client’s needs. They did a great job, providing great value, as we were working with a challenging client. We would definitely hire them again!

Senoir Manager, Armanino LLP

Duleep Pillai

Paula was really helpful when we needed an expert help with a project and was willing to do it over a weekend. Nice working with you.

Prinicipal, Veltec Networks

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