For over a decade, Accend has helped countless businesses maximize their profits by cutting back on operational costs by 45% or more. As a responsible VMware service provider, we have catered to the needs of several organizations — from startups to Federal agencies and everything in between. Our services include OS-level virtualization, para virtualization, full virtualization and more. We have the required subject matter expertise to remotely guide you through the VMware setup and installation process effortlessly.

As a VMware cloud service provider, we help businesses throughout the digital transformation process, by giving them all the leverage that they need. Our cutting-edge cloud management solutions make it easier for you to embrace technology, without worrying too much about managing it. As your managed service provider, we take care of all your cloud computing needs, which lets you focus on growing your business. Plus, you can do so without worrying about internal data security and the costs involved in it. With years of experience in providing network security solutions, we know what works and what doesn’t.

As your virtualization service provider, we can help you manage your resources more effectively and help reduce operational costs through efficient cloud management, network management, and storage solutions. This includes a visible reduction in hardware costs, energy costs, and an increase in productivity.

As a renown VMware service provider in California, we also provide technical assistance to the healthcare sector, which is prone to ransomware and DDoS attacks. With the increase in cybercrime, our responsibilities have increased exponentially and so has yours. So, you need to act fast and get the most out of your resources, but without compromising your internal security. As an ethical cloud computing service provider, we make it a point to keep your data safe and secure.

In the past, clients have approached us to set up the VDI platform and segregate existing resources into several virtual machines. We have also been relied upon for the installation of various VMware modules like the VMware Horizon View which enables remote access to a virtual desktop and Workspace One which enables centralized control. We have also assisted in configuring the switch port for trunk configuration to support the VMware vSphere.

With a combined experience of over 50 years as a vCloud service provider, our VMware solutions have helped organizations throughout the planning and implementation of disaster recovery measures. As one of the best VMware service providers, we offer tailormade solutions that are efficient, yet affordable. By connecting VMware to your physical servers, we help businesses maximize their profits by unleashing the power of virtualization. This gives you the power to limit access to confidential data and also to decide how you wish to use your resources.

Whether you have on-premise servers or hire the services of a cloud service provider, we would be glad to help. As one of the leading VMware service providers in the USA, our services include planning and managing your cloud architecture from start to end. Our core focus is on enhancing network security, ensuring network redundancy and virtualization. This lets you run your application without worrying about infrastructure incompatibility or lack of speed.